About the author

I am a social media- and technology-obsessed marketing and communications professional, copywriter, and award-winning editor. I love to evangelize a brand or message, especially in a B2B environment. I’m fiercely loyal, passionate, and always interested in how stuff works. I bring a keen eye and sense of humor to everything I do and everyone I meet.

I’m passionate about learning and edifying (natch, my blog is titled Edify). I’m an early adopter, voracious reader, introspective blogger, crafter, and knitter. I enjoy volunteering as a lifetime member of the coed service fraternity, Alpha Phi Omega, as a participant in an online micro-volunteer network, and a financial supporter of others who passionately and generously volunteer their time and efforts to their own causes.

Professional specialties: Marketing, copywriting, editing, project management, website management, social media, search engine optimization, customer service, HTML, technical writing, new-hire training, lead generation, marketing and social media strategy, content development, branding, inbound marketing, blogging, marketing campaign execution, press release development, lead generation, branding


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